Leedhar Education Management Solution

Education Management SolutionLet Teachers teach, learn and research, leave the college/school in the hands of an expert system. From this belief Leedhar Educational Management System was born.Leedhar Educational ERP takes total care and control of the administration of the institution that it deserves the desigantion of a dean.The incredible convenience of a single window allowing the user to cruise to every nook and corner of the operations of the college/school is what Leedhar Educational Management System offers.

Set the teachers free to teach their students,leave the classroom in the hands of an expert software system that is the key to success for each student.The Leedhar EMS puts every single piece of info you need at your finger tip just a mouse click away.Leedhar EMS automates every facet of operation of the hospital leaving you free to save precious time. Speed,efficiency and totality are our hallmarks.

Let us Check What The Leedhar ERP Can do

Admissions Office Automation

  • Screen applications as per the pre- fixed admission forms.
  • Categorise into select/wait/reject list
  • Categorise select list into merit/management
  • Prepare a short-coming statement for each candidate
  • Prepare rank list

Transaction automation module

  • Online fee payment and notification
  • Prepare fee due statement
  • Adjust and allocate fee to various accounting heads.
  • Prepare late fee statements
  • Prepare payment schedules
  • Provision for scholarship and concessions
  • Integrate with a/c and FIS

Expert system for library management

  • A touch screen kiosk to check book /journal availability and issue status
  • Author, subject, title, volume, and topic search options
  • Issue, return and late fee management system
  • Provision for syllabus matching of available books.

Attendance management, class scheduling and result publication system integrated with the website

  • Automated daily/monthly/semester wise attendance publishing on the website.
  • Parent teacher conferencing through the website.
  • Internal and external result notification on the website.
  • Prlog space on the website for teachers/ students and parents.

EMS Modules

  • Admission & Registration
  • Human Resource Management
  • Front Office Management
  • Fees Management
  • Health Management
  • Alumni Management
  • Security
  • Biometric Enabled
  • Student Information System
  • Academic Management
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Accounting
  • Activity / Events Management
  • Library Management System
  • Transportation Management System
  • Parent Information System
  • Examination Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Payroll
  • Placement
  • Erp Integrated Wcms System
  • CIntegrated Sms