Leedhar Library Management System

lin\brary managment solution

Library management system has been designed to manage the overall functioning of library. This sophisticated system is capable of handling books issue , returns, periodicals subscription etc. LMS not only manages the libraries but also provides convenience to the users and librarians.

We are well equipped and are capable of managing any libraries . We send our team to educate the librarians about the software and ultimately the users appreciate this system .

Its flexible design enables MINFO Library Management System to be installed in a range of Library organizations, ranging from public libraries, through to academic, joint use and special libraries. One of MINFO Library Management Software's strengths is that while it has been developed using the latest software technologies (Windows based Client Server) it is also a mature, proven system.

And the software is fully compatible with Bar Codes. Use of Bar Codes for Library Management eases the everyday tasks of big Libraries, where the No. of transactions exceed several thousands in number. Moreover, the software can work even without Bar Codes seamlessly. The Bar-Code generation and printing process is a Built-In feature of this Software.

And can impliment on touch screen.