Leedhar Manufacturing Management Solution

Manufacturing Management SolutionWe believe that "best can still be made better, the optimal can still be optimized the cost effective,can be made still more cost effective. From this belief "Leedhar Manufacturing ERP System,was born.

Leedhar Manufacturing ERP System

Leedhar Manufacturing ERP System provides a powerful suite of software solutions which make every day business easierand more profitable whilst allowing you to maintain higher quality, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels throughout the manufacturing process. The Leedhar Manufacturing Management System solution is easy to use because unlike general applications, Leedhar Manufacturing ERP System has been built specifically for manufacturing companies

Let us Check What The Leedhar ERP Can do

  • Improved profit in most areas of business
  • Improve staff efficiency
  • Reduce duplication & redundancy
  • Decrease management response time for issues within the manufacturing process,
  • Allowing management to make quick decisions before mistakes or potential incidents
  • Increase cost or waste
  • Improve reporting, analysis, and business monitoring
  • Instant cost reporting, live at any time!
  • Streamline & automatically manage processes
  • Enforce operational standards
  • Create full traceability of all product handling in all business areas
  • Easy audits and traceability management
  • Reduced waste during the food manufacturing process
  • Easily adhere to international standards in the manufacturing process

EMS Modules

  • Accounting
  • Sales Management
  • Production Scheduling
  • Material Purchase
  • Material Issue
  • Rawmaterial Management
  • Timesheet Management
  • Human Resouce Management
  • Budgeting
  • Phone Manager
  • Payroll
  • Depo Management
  • Machinery Management
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Purchase Request Management
  • Purchase Enquiry Management
  • Rawmaterial Quality Management
  • Finished Goods Quality Management
  • Digital Dashboard
  • User Manager
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Production
  • Material Store
  • Quotation Mangement
  • Rawmaterial Purchase
  • Lab Management
  • CIntegrated Sms
  • Costing
  • Corporate Messenger